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Wicked Good Sandwiches in Pownal, Maine

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red building, 'OPEN' flag, and sign saying "Wicked Good Sandwiches"

Wicked Good Sandwiches – the sign doesn’t lie!

This bright red building is Edna and Lucy’s in Pownal, Maine. (407 Hallowell Road, Pownal, ME 04069)(207) 688-3029

Edna and Lucy’s is one of the best sandwich shops ive been to, and they are located in a tiny rural town in the countryside of Maine; just north of Freeport. I had a Maine Italian (different than an italian sub).  Maine italians are (my family will be correcting me if I get this wrong) ham, provolone, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, pickles, and olives on a soft roll (or hotdog bun).  They are not toasted. There is no ‘italian’ meat.  It is a MAINE italian.  So all you Bostonians and New Yorkers; stop your cursing…im kinda with you; till I had one…Maine italians are really good.  They are much closer to what us people who grew up in MA (except for the cheese choice) call AN AMERICAN.

Not the point

Edna and Lucy’s has a whole range of sandwiches that would stop the cursing,and fill gaping mouths of all the New Yorkers and  Bostonians (still reading in horror) with delicious awesomeness.

I also tried the (im so looking at the menu photo to get this right) GRILLED EGGPLANT on Wheat bread with (surprise) grilled eggplant, onions, spinach, goat cheese, and tapenade. MMMMM  (ok, my mouth is watering right now).

Oh im just going to show you the menu photo

Sandwich shop menu written on chalkboards on walls of inside shop

Edna and Lucy’s menu is written on chalkboards that line the walls of their shop


(yes, I distorted the photo a bit to make it bigger).


Homemade desserts and pastries on a wooden table in a sandwich shop in Maine

Homemade desserts and pastries…and the are all fucking delicious!

OH YES, Homemade treats (remember the sign on the outside from the photo at the top?…)

Look at that…on the back of the table..


I don’t even like donuts…and those are AMAZING!!!!!  (I had some for breakfast on another day).  Fruit, Scones, Molasses Ginger Cookies,..

Oh, and look in the background.  Oh yes,… that IS a refrigerator display for MORE TREATS!  I had some delicious baklava (so good in my mouth)!

And the lady’s who work here are the cutest, sweetest people ever!  I miss country life, just how nice everyone is, and how everyone knows everyone else.  If you have grown up in the city you probably think im wicked naive, and the people here may scare you because you will be positive that no one is that nice or trusting; and the whole town is up to something…and I will feel sorry for you; because in the country, they are. (nice; not up to something).  Unless you have grown up in farmland, you wont understand, so I wont try to explain further.  If you have, you know what I mean, and probably miss the atmosphere right now too.

Hey, look at me totally getting off the topic of the food – you are thinking this right now – but this is about the the whole place; people, food, simplicity, all of it.

Now if you look at photo 2 again; there are 2 doorways (one you just see the frame of).  Guess what’s behind those doors?

A DINING ROOM!  OH yes, you can also sit down and eat here at Edna and Lucy’s Wicked Good Sandwiches & Treats Shop of Awesomness! (ok, so I lengthened the name a bit)

Girl stands inside interior of a sandwich shop. Pastries on table in middle, drinks on the sides, blue floor

Inside Edna & Lucy’s. I love how the pastry/dessert table just calls to you

This is a bigger picture of what you walk into from the outside. Open, clean, lots of natural light and fresh air!  And the ladies are right behind the counter cooking everything in front of you; joking it up with each other and you.  And since I knew someone from the area…they already knew who I was when I walked in the door.

So if you are ever in Pownal, Maine…or Freeport, Maine (Pownal is next town up and Edna and Lucy’s is only about 15min from downtown Freeport)…

…Go to Edna and Lucy’s!…(aka Wicked Good Sandwiches)

front door of red sandwich shop. sign reads "EDNA & LUCY'S"

Edna & Lucy’s – wickedest awesomest sandwich shop

407 Hallowell Road, Pownal, ME 04069

And check out their Facebook page here

And no, this post is not created out of sponsorship, advertisement, or any other business or monetary arrangement.  I just think Edna and Lucy’s is WICKED GOOD!

All opinions are my own…and in my opinion EDNA AND LUCY’s ROCKS!


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6 Responses to “Wicked Good Sandwiches in Pownal, Maine”

  1. From Abe:

    I really enjoy small shops like this in New England. They use quality ingredients and make there food with love. I just got back from the Beverly, Ma where there are some small comparable shops. Its a nice break from the busy city rush.

    Posted on 2011/07/10 at 3:42 PM #
  2. From heather:

    A Maine “Italian” and an “Italian Sandwich” are all together different despite similar names, obviously in ingredients but also in history. We have a shop up here run by Italians and they make it easy with “Maine Italians” and “Boston Italians” on the menu. It’s a truly regional food. The fun of traveling is seeing how people make the food you’re used to in a different way, with the same name.

    A traditional Maine “Italian” is soft Italian Bread, or a sub roll (not sandwich roll), with olive oil, salt, pepper, pickles, sliced long or in spears – never round, black olives, tomatoes, green peppers, provolone (or American but rarely) and ham (though some places sell turkey Italians, they aren’t the original). A man named Amato started making them 100 years ago to sell to the guys on the docks, or so the story goes. It really is a Maine thing with a totally different history. Amato’s is still an institution but my favorite Italians come straight from Mom and Pop stores. The North Pownal Store sells a large one with an extra pickle spear and chips for $3.50. :)

    As far as Maine from Mass, as someone who has lived in both places (and is in Maine now) no real Mainers believes they are from Mass – and they pride themselves on it ;)

    Posted on 2011/07/07 at 7:19 PM #
    • From Danib:

      I love the history lesson here. Reasons why my sister rocks.

      Posted on 2012/05/01 at 8:35 PM #
  3. From Katie:

    I had someone come into my deli and order an Italian sub. His friend from MA quickly yelled out to me to not start making the sandwich and asked me to explain to him what an italian was. Thoroughly confused I named the meats. The kid looked baffled and his friend said “He’s from Maine – they do it wrong up there – make him a ham and provolone with veggies.

    Further confirmation that people from Maine can be truly bizarre. I hold to my contention that they are still under the misguided belief that they are Mass. But, obviously, those crazy people can’t do it right… ;)

    Posted on 2011/07/01 at 10:53 AM #
    • From Danib:

      actually , people from Maine do not believe they are from MA at all. They actually pride themselves on being from Maine. but yes, there are still some bizarre things up there, but MASS has some bizarre stuff too (like a Bubbler. seriously? Its a water fountain. )

      Posted on 2012/05/01 at 8:37 PM #
  4. From Nikki Erskine:

    Oh Dani. First – I’ve been camping in Pownal, it’s a nice peaceful place to visit, not at all far from downtown Freeport either. Second – you’re so right about the Maine Italian! I grew up with Sam’s as a kid, and to this day when I want an “Italian,” that’s what I want. My weird little ham sandwich, sans olives and pickles, plz.

    Now I want one.

    Posted on 2011/06/29 at 4:17 PM #

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