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East Timor |Asia Travel – Day15 of the #Indie30

Today BootsnAll asked me: If you could pick any country in Asia to go to, which one would you pick and why? Well as much as traveling the ‘Stan’ countries for a year and traveling across the Trans-Siberian Railway are two of my dream trips,  if had to pick one country in Asia it would […]


I’m Going to TBEX in Toronto

I’m Going to TBEX in Toronto

TBEX, or the Travel Blogger Exchange conference is held a few times a year in varying cities in North America and Europe.  Having never attended a travel conference before (but wanting to) , I decided a couple days ago, if I want to continue making this blog awesome for you, I need to network and […]


What to Pack (and not) if You’re a Traveling Chic

What to Pack (and not) if You’re a Traveling Chic

  There’s always people saying “YOU SHOULD PACK THIS” or “LEAVE THIS AT HOME”  and sometimes I think these people have never traveled, or never done long-term, non-wilderness backpacking. This list, is not geared to weekend jet-setters, or 3 week trips up a mountain side.  This is my list,  from experience,  for people who backpack […]


Dreaming of Dragons

Indie Challenge Week 5: Asia If you’ve never been to Asia, tell us about your dream trip in the region.   My dream trip to Asia would probably consist of, oh , the exact same trip I planned for 5 months before I found $200 tickets between Miami and Caracas and threw 5 months of […]


Show Fail of Awesomeness

So I’ve been a horrible tourist and done nothing in Quito but hanging out with friends and going to rock shows, rock band rehearsals, studio recordings for rock bands, etc. Oh and drinking.  But the reason I like hanging out with friends in places more than seeing traditional touristy things is for the fact that […]


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