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How Old-School Hip Hop Prepared Me For Travelling

How Old-School Hip Hop Prepared Me For Travelling

    Many of us gre up on it. 80’2 and 90′s children can remember hearing all the hiphop songs that plagued the radio.  Whether you love it, hated it, or pretend you never listened to it, (or like me, freely admit you still rock out to it), many of us still know the lyrics […]


Donating Bone Marrow

donating bone marrow – brooke and me

This is the 2nd re-post of about my experience donating bone marrow.  First I added photos, and now you can see me and Brooke, my recipient, together.  We finally met, and though too emotional to write about the meeting, I still thought it was time to show you the 2 of us together.   A […]


Downtown Medellin–Street Photography

Downtown Medellin is a bustling section of the city, full of vendors, customers, visitors, and locals.   From the rich and fancy, to the broke and homeless, there is always interesting interactions going on – if you just take the time to step back and watch it.    


Living Around The World–Blog Carnival Edition

I hosted my first blog carnival.  If you don’t know what a blog carnival is, it is when you pick a topic (like “Living Around the World”) and ask bloggers to submit articles that relate to the subject you wish to talk about.  I wanted to know about articles about life from various places around […]


11 Misconceptions About Colombia People Really Need To Get Over

As I’m getting ready to head back out to Colombia, I’m getting all sorts of amazing, thought-provoking questions about the Colombian culture that makes me hang my head in shame at the education system in the USA. So here are the top 11 misconceptions people have about Colombia besides the fact it’s spelled Colombia, not […]


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