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So as you all know, I fell in love with Diego, my now common-law, Paisa husband, when I first went to Medellin.  I actually photographed him my first day in Medellin when he played with Juanita Dientes Verdes at the Altavoz Festival in 2011, then met him the next day, and we instantly became friends, then more than friends, then, less than 2 years later we became common-lawed.

We have officially been together for 2 years now, but my family had yet to meet him in person.  Once on Skype, but other then that, this girl, who has always been “F*&^ marriage! I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me I love someone!” is suddenly married (and relishing that piece of paper) to a man my family didn’t know.

So a few weeks ago, in October of 2013, I used tickets I won with JetBlue to bring my dad to Cartagena so he could meet his semi-legal son-in-law. (Legally married in Colombia, but the USA won’t recognize our marriage until it becomes civil).

dad and me airport

I needed my dad to meet him first – it’s a daughter thing – and it was such an amazing trip.  For 5 days the 3 of us hung out, walked around Cartagena, visited the historic city, saw the San Felipe castle (which Diego and I skipped this past winter when we went to Cartagena),  ate delicious food, and basically just hung out doing simple things like families do.

dad and diego san felipe sitting

But it made me so incredibly happy to introduce my father to the man I love, and they got along famously.  And yes, there was some ganging up on me and my horrible ability to grasp the Spanish language, and the fact that I somehow never knew that Colombia is famous for its emeralds (why did I never read this anywhere or realize that is, I guess, common knowledge).  And yes, we poked a bit of fun at Colombia and the tourism as we went shopping for the traditional touristy Colombian style men’s shirts for dad (who Diego started called “Don Tony” because he looked like a Colombian drug lord from the movies), but in all it was such an amazing time.

don tony

And although I got photos of me and dad, dad and Diego, and Diego and me, I somehow failed to get a photo of the 3 of us together (go photographer Dani).

dad and diego with Colombian flag

me and dad

Though I did realize where my love of photographing doors comes from:

dad photographing

There was a ton of amazing stuff, some actually interesting to others, some just amazing to us because of the sentiment is holds, but these are just a few of my favourite photos of the 3 of us from the trip.

IMG_4789 med

And now someone had met Diego in person, so I have proof I’m not making him up!


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7 Responses to “DAD MEETS DIEGO”

  1. From Mig:

    Great story and am happy for you! I’m now here in Medellin and know why you’ve enjoyed it. This city is awesome!

    Posted on 2013/11/19 at 1:59 PM #
    • From Danib:

      That’s awesome! I do love Medellin. I may HATE pan de queso and not like Arequipa either(im such a bad little paisa), but I LOVE the people, the weather, and the beautiful scenery. If you get a chance, I totally recommend a day trip to Guatape or an overnight to Jardin (in the coffee area. Its a tiny town but it is gorgeous, colourful, and there are gondolas on either side of the town that take you up into the hills for some AMAZING views!)

      Posted on 2013/11/23 at 9:40 AM #
      • From Flora:

        How can you hate pan de queso?! After so much awful bread in South America it’s one of my luxury foodstuffs when and if I find it..!

        Posted on 2014/01/21 at 4:53 PM #
        • From Danib:

          Hahahaha. I do like french and real italian style breads the best (and buy baguettes a lot from the grocery store), but pan de queso to me tastes like bread they cooking rotting cheese into. It just has this whole ‘soured, rotting milk’ smell and taste to me. *gag*.

          How about this, I’ll give you my share of pan de queso as a thank you for reading my blog. See. I give back. :P

          Posted on 2014/01/24 at 12:30 PM #
  2. From Bethaney - Flashpacker Family:

    So cute!!!

    Posted on 2013/11/10 at 2:49 AM #
  3. From Michael:

    Nice post, looks like you guys had a good time. Makes me miss South America!

    Posted on 2013/11/09 at 10:17 PM #


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