Croatia – Day16 of the #Indie30

Today, on Day 16 of the 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project, BootsnAll asked me: What European Country Do You Want To Visit Most? Easy. CROATIA! (but you’ve already been to Croatia, Dani) DON’T CARE!  CROATIA!  I have a specific reason for this though.   You may have seen my amazing “My First Travel […]


Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Done While Traveling – Day11 of the #Indie30

Day 12 of the #Indie30 asks us: Tell us about a time you did something you know you shouldn’t do while traveling.  (aka:  What is the stupidest thing you’ve done while traveling?) How about sneaking into the back of a zoo in Belgrade, Serbia to pet a lion?   Pretty sure that is something I […]


Lake Chant Plein, Mattawa – Featured Friday Photo

Lake Chant Plein, Mattawa  – Featured Friday Photo

This is the view from the backyard of Moosehead Estates in Mattawa, Northern Ontario – where I stayed during a press trip to learn to ride ATVs.   Just 4 hours north of the bustle of Toronto, Mattawa is a small town full of nature, and amazing and serene views like this. The deep blue, […]


Best Vegetarian Restaurants (and Buffets) in Stockholm, Sweden

This is a guest post by Katie Shabi, who experienced Stockholm’s infatuation with vegetarian buffets first-hand.  Whenever you travel outside of the United States, you are obviously going to be struck by some cultural differences, especially when you go on vacation to a European city like Stockholm, Sweden. One thing you’ll notice right off the […]


My First Travel Photos–Sculptures

On this week’s edition of my first travel photos, we look at SCULPTURES Sculptures are timeless, classic, and sometimes make beautiful photos. But not this time… Low contrast, blown out sky, and weird, slanted angle makes this photo awesome….awesomely bad!   I zoomed in for this, which makes it better, but the sky is still […]


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