Mar 13

Use Amazon? Here’s a way to make it better.

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Amazon offers an affiliate program, which I have become part of. 


What is an affiliate program?

It’s like a finder’s fee for sending people to a website.  Basically, Amazon pays me a small fee for sending people to them.

You buy things through Amazon.  Everyone does.  But, if you go to Amazon using this link:


You can see that , well, it is just Amazon.  What is cool though, is that when you purchase items that you are going to buy anyway, Amazon gives me a small percent (usually 1-4%) of your total purchase as a sort of “thank you for promoting us”.

Prices for you stay the same.

There is a code embedded in the link that tells Amazon I sent you there, and to thank me, Amazon gives me a small percent for giving them business. 

They don’t know you were going to buy stuff anyway.



And no matter what you buy, from a book to a boat to the Complete Star Wars Movie Collection, as long as you go to Amazon using my link, Amazon gives me this ‘finder’s fee’.  So instead of just buying your items through regular Amazon, you can now help out a traveler/photographer follow her dream…and you haven’t done anything or spent any more than you were going to spend in the first place.

Awesome right?!?

So now you feel good about buying that 1 Pound of Chocolate fudge Cheesecake

– because you are actually helping out your favourite music and travel photographer keep doing what she does – taking awesome photos and teaching you about the world.

  See how that works?  You are now just a good Samaritan.  See….I got your back.

So next time you need anything from Amazon – remember GoingNomadic, beautiful photos, and to follow this link:

PS:  I also have an Amazon widget/search box on the home page and all post pages of my blog.  They link to the same affiliate program.

So go ahead and buy some stuff you need.  You are helping promote culture and art!







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2 Responses to “Use Amazon? Here’s a way to make it better.”

  1. From Forest Parks:

    Nice! I started making use of Amazon links in my posts. Every little helps.

    Posted on 2013/04/07 at 5:21 PM #
  2. From Alyson:

    Clever, very clever!

    Posted on 2013/03/13 at 3:17 PM #

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