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Going Nomadic is an anti-tourist, adventure travel blog that actively seeks out and shows you the the food, music, activities, and experiences that you can’t find in a guidebook.


me cocoloco


This is me, Dani Blanchette, creator, photographer, videogirl, and travel host for GoingNomadic.

In 2011, I gave away anything I couldn’t carry, left my job as a stagehand in Vegas, and bought a one-way ticket to South America! Now I live between Las Vegas and Colombia between my trips.




Sometimes I work with THIS GUY –>
…my Colombian, drummer, and common-law husband, Diego.

He’s my media assistant, fixer, and Spanish translator. This creates a nice mix of solo and couple travel adventures on GoingNomadic.



Interested in more?  You can see what we do at  GoingNomadicTV (on Youtube).   Here you can find hosted travel videos showing off the people we meet in the places we visit.

Want us to show off your destination next?  You can contact us through our contact page, or email at: contact@goingnomadic.com

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