April, 2012

I Love Croatia

Have you traveled in Eastern Europe? What did you know about the region before visiting? If you haven’t been to Eastern Europe, what country or city appeals to you most as a place to visit? How much does knowing about the history of a place inspire your future travels? If you’ve read any of my […]


Donkey Crossing

Donkeys wandering down the middle of the coastal highway in Ecuador somewhere between Manta and Montañita.   This may be a common sight in many parts of South America, but it is definitely something I would never see at home in Las Vegas!   This is part of a new photo series called: “Things You Don’t […]


Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate Writing Your Blog (while still being productive)

I am a master of procrastination.  And I’ve worked very hard at becoming such a master.  Here are some of my tricks for procrastinating writing your blog, while still being productive. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon.  (If I were to name them all separately this would quickly turn into ‘Top 100 Ways […]


How to Have an Indie Experience

What do you do when you visit popular places in order to have an indie travel experience? This is the second part of BootsnAll’s week 9 Indie travel challenge.  I didn’t answer it then because, well, my post was about Cottanera Nume cabernet…and adding this part into the post didn’t fit.  So I’m going to […]


Moping Around

I recently visited Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia, a tiny, old, colonial town about an hour bus ride from Medellin.   While walking down the cobblestone streets I passed a mop and broom shop where they make both.  Luckily, I had my own personal translator with me to help me ask if I could see something […]


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