Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Done While Traveling – Day11 of the #Indie30

Day 12 of the #Indie30 asks us: Tell us about a time you did something you know you shouldn’t do while traveling.  (aka:  What is the stupidest thing you’ve done while traveling?) How about sneaking into the back of a zoo in Belgrade, Serbia to pet a lion?   Pretty sure that is something I […]


Strangest Food I’ve Eaten While Traveling – Day 10 of the #Indie30

Day 10 on BootsnAll’s #Indie30 asks us: What Is The Strangest food You’ve Eaten While Traveling? I’m a pretty adventurous eater when I travel.   I will try just about anything to be polite, but if it is new and weird, I really want it (although I am nowhere on the level of Andrew Zimmern. […]


Game of Thrones – Hump Day Book Review

  You are all going to hate me, but I am not that into this book. It’s good.  It is definently a good book.  And it’s long.  So it will keep you going for a while, and keep you from spending $30 in 5 days on new books, but overall, I could totally take or […]


My Worst Travel Experience – #Indie30 Day 8

Day 8 of the #Indie30 challenge asks us to write about our worst travel experience.   So I am elaborating on a story that has been alluded to, but never told:  Traveling Venezuela By Bus.  And this is just a section of the story of the worst travel I’ve ever experienced.  get ready for a […]


How To Start Planning Long-Term Travel (for the broke)

Day6 of the #Indie30 asks us:  HOW DO YOU SAVE MONEY FOR LONG-TERM TRAVEL This is an old post I am reposting because this is my answer to this question.  You want to travel, but don’t have a super great paying job and savings, family money, or any idea where to start?  You can travel.  […]

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